Computer-Based Programs

Students at GPE work on Computer Based Programs during class and Computer Lab. Using a variety of programs, students receive academic interventions, enrichment, and support. 
Majority of our programs are integrated through CLEVER. Students can use their badge or login information to access their assignments & programs. From here, students access our schoolwide curriculum resources and technology programs. ZEARN, Study Island, Scholastics, and other programs can all be accessed through CLEVER. 



MobyMax is a complete, researched-based online K-8 curriculum system for math and ELA built up around and aligned with Common Core State Standards. It uses adaptive placement testing, direct instruction, continuous progress monitoring, and a suite of motivational tools to find and fix student skill gaps. Teachers assign topics based on areas of concern. If a student does not pass a lesson topic, Moby will automatically give the student another lesson topic on the same skill. However, if the student fails two to four lesson topics in a row (the number of lesson topics varies based on the skill), Moby will post the score for that lesson topic, and it is up to the teacher to decide whether or not to reassign it.


Not all students have access to MobyMax. Students are assessed at the beginning of each nine weeks, and our teachers and administration review this data to determine which students are in need of additional support.


Access MobyMax at home!

Click here and enter our school code (la115).Then, students who have been participating in the program can use their username and password to log in.